Çerez Örnek

Research Areas



Ege University Observatory has been functioning as the laboratory of the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences since its establishment. Education and training services are provided to undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences. Observation and measurement opportunities are provided to the researchers of similar departments in other universities, especially the department researchers. Publications are made based on scientific research results. Scientific studies are carried out in various fields by the researchers of the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department using the Observatory facilities.


Scientific Study Topics:

Stellar Structure and Evolution

Binary Stars

Magnetic Activity in Cool Stars

Lon-Period Variability

Galaktik Star Clusters

Flare Stars

Stellar Seismology

Planetary Systems



In addition to being an application and research center where scientific researches are carried out, it also undertakes the task of introducing and popularizing astronomy and science to the society. For this purpose, Science - Society Activities are organized. Visiting programs and science education activities are organized for anyone interested in astronomy, providing information about celestial events, celestial bodies and the structure of the universe. In addition, various events are organized for all segments of the society on special days when there are important celestial events throughout the year. On the other hand, institutional visits are accepted within the framework of a certain program, primarily to educational institutions.


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