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T35 Telescope
Model Meade LX200GPS 14"
Type Schmidt - Cassegrain
Mount Equatorial (Fork) Mount
Primary Mirror Diameter 0.35 m
Focal Ratio f/10
Resolving Power 0".33
Plate Scale 58.93 "/mm


Focal Plane Instrument
SSP5 Single Channel Series Photometer
Photomultiplier R6358 PMT
Field of View (FOV) 14'
Diaphraghm Size 53"
Cooling None
Filter Wheel 6 Position Filter Changer
Filter Position Number 6
Filter Diameter and Thickness 12.5 mm, 7 mm
Filters Johnson UBVR


Nightly atmospheric extinction coefficients and transformation coefficients to the standard photometric measured at different nights can be found at the following addresses:

August 1, 2019

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